Love Pod Baby Sling

Love Pod Baby Sling

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Research has shown that babies are more contented and cry less when in a sling

Your baby will love to be close to the warmth of your body, where they can sense your heartbeat and a close connection to you

Contented babies spend more time observing and learning about the world around them

The Love Pod Baby is a great transition from the security of the womb to the arms of Mum, Dad and other family members

  • Settle a distressed and crying baby quickly
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Keep hands free to do activities while comforting your baby
  • Reduces strain on your arms, neck and shoulders
  • Allows for easy and private breastfeeding in public
  • Makes shopping and using public transport easier
  • Safe, secure and comfortable for baby, Mum and Dad


  • 100% cotton – eco-friendly and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Buckle is easily adjustable with a wide padded shoulder strap
  • Padded edge gives extra protection for baby
  • Strong stream-lined design making it more comfortable for all users


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